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4. Search the Web

March 22, 2012

I don’t know about you, but Google is my homepage. Depending on what I’m doing, on any given day I might make 5-10 searches, and if my work requires it, that could shoot right up closer to the hundred mark. I search for a wide range of reasons: if I’ve heard some news and want to find out more details, or if I’m looking for a new recipe, or even if I’m just too lazy to type the entire URL out. My recent searches include such fascinating items as “bank holidays april”, “email to kindle”, “how to reduce static” and “kim jong il looking at things”.

As you can probably tell, I use the internet as my go-to source of knowledge. Writing this reminds me of a study I read about in Science, suggesting that people use the internet as a memory bank, so instead of remembering information, they remember the best way to find it out again later. You can read about it here. And yes, I did need to Google that to find it.

My point is, I use search engines a lot, and I bet anybody reading this does too (perhaps you even found DIDMID through one!). So I was intrigued to read about Everyclick, a search engine with a difference.

Everyclick is a search engine that raises money for charities with every search that people us it for. According to its homepage, it has raised £2,398,115.89 to date. That’s kind of awesome.

It does this by splitting the advert revenue with charities, so in some ways, it works in a similar way as FreeRice, which I’ve posted about before. The more clicks people make on the site by searching, and therefore the more adverts they see, the more EveryClick can raise.

If you make an account, you can nominate a charity to receive the money you raise. Then, you can see how much you’ve personally raised.

I figure it’s not too big a step to use a different search engine for most of my searching, so I’ve changed my homepage. Why don’t you?

Even if you don’t end up using EveryClick for your everyday searching, you might as well go there now and search for as many things as you can think of! Every click matters, so spend a bit of time there and you’ll be raising money without really doing anything. Get clicking!

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